Indoor Veggie Garden

With an indoor vegetable garden you get freshness into the house. All year round. Grow fresh vegetables in the kitchen.


Indoor vegetable gardens allow the cultivation of vegetables, herbs and salad easily and effectively. Most have a power-saving LED plant lamp. The plants roots in water with a nutrient solution. Technology ensures the circulation of the water and turns off the light in the morning and in the evening.

Grow-Lights #

Thanks to the efficient supply of plant light and Nähstoffen, the plants grow in the indoor cultivation. Very fast. Sometimes faster than they can harvest and revalue. Fresh salad tastes particularly good from this cultivated dish on the plate.

The hydroponic cultivation in the water has another great advantage. The lack of soil makes things more hygienic. So you can place an indoor vegetable garden in the kitchen without any problems.

Cultivation #

With a small and effective vegetable bed in the house you constantly harvest fresh food. You can hardly buy vegetables and salads fresher than directly from the small garden into the kitchen. When growing and breeding, you decide on the plants you want to grow. Tomatoes, pepperoni and salad are quite popular vegetables.

Since the devices are quite compact, relatively small plants should be sown.

Indoor Herb Garden

In an indoor herb garden you draw fragrant herbs in the house and in the kitchen.

Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a system where the roots of the cultivated plants do not grow in soil

Smart Home Garden

Smart Indoor Gardening allows the cultivation of plants, herbs and vegetables in the house.