LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have a spectrum adapted to photosynthesis. Plants take blue and red light particularly efficiently. Therefore, not every LED lamp is a good plant lamp at the same time.


LEDs have a high luminous efficiency. In addition, the diodes can be adjusted to a wavelength or light color very precisely. The photosynthesis of the plants can best be translated into blue and red light. For example, green light can hardly be converted from green plants to glucose.

Light spectrum #

Plant lamps with red and blue LEDs are most effective. White LED light consists of the colors red, green and blue. Here the green light portion of the plant can be used. However, the LED plant lamps we use for the cultivation of herbs, vegetables and salad also have a decorative task.

Lettuce, which is lit only by blue and red LEDs, looks unnatural. Therefore there is still a white portion of light in the indoor smart gardens.

LED plant lamps promote the growth of plants effectively. They consume little electricity, hardly develop heat. The service life compared to fluorescent tubes and conventional lamps is enormous. The cost of acquisition is usually higher. Nevertheless, led plant light has prevailed in the cultivation of herbs and vegetables in the house.

Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a system where the roots of the cultivated plants do not grow in soil

Indoor Veggie Garden

With an indoor vegetable garden you get freshness into the house. All year round. Grow fresh vegetables in the kitchen.

Indoor Herb Garden

In an indoor herb garden you draw fragrant herbs in the house and in the kitchen.